Solco Camunia

solco_logoThe Consortium was created in 1993 as a result of an organizational decentralization promoted by Sol.Co Brescia and in a few years was able to develop a network of cooperatives in the Valcamonica area as an effective response to the most vulnerable citizens there.
This has been possible through the economic and social integration of the network of member cooperatives, the promotion of new cooperatives, the activity of strategic guidance for the member cooperatives and the implementation of measures of consulting, training, accounting and administration, support for start-up business and design of new services.
The structure and organization of the consortium have enabled the cooperatives, that are small or medium size and strongly rooted in the territories where they belong, to develop a larger organization, which takes the form of a network of companies, able to provide adequate responses to the needs of the local community.
The member cooperatives are Type A ( providing social services, health and education) or Type B (dealing with work integration of disability people ).
Sol.Co Camunia is a local consortium, strongly characterized in terms of logistics and morphology; from the social point of view, being rooted in the local territory means to be able to answer to the needs and take care of the local community. Ultimately, as stated in Art . 1 of the italian law on social cooperatives , they have to “pursue the general interest of the community to promote human and social integration of citizens.”

The basic themes of its work are:

  • a management modus operandi that favors the involvement of the Assembly and the Board of Directors on all strategic decisions
  • a renewed focus on the specific features of type A and type B cooperatives
  • a reorganization of work services
  • the promotion of new local, national and European projects
  • the enlargement of the influence area, both in terms of involvement of social cooperatives and in terms of cooperation network, with greater attention to the needs of the local community