On-line communication

On-line communication

Writing and organizing your own website

When: June, 4th 2015

Where: Darfo Boario Terme

Lecturer: Stefano Boffini


Cooperatives can no longer afford not to know how to write for the Internet. Why communicate on the web is different?

On the web words must be light (simple, brief, jargon and stock phrases, positive), things have to have a concrete meaning and precise, anything can become a story.

Where start to avoid losing the reader?

Bearing in mind that a bad graphics weakens good content, the course aims to enlighten the cooperatives on the structuring of the text and its layout, as well as on the art of writing headlines.

In una seconda fase si analizzerà la multimedialità e la crossmedialità e il grande mondo dei social network e della comunicazione virale (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Storify, georeferenziazione).

In a second phase multimedia and cross-media and the great world of social networks and viral communication (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Storify, georeferencing) is analyzed.