Koinon_logoKoinon is a training and research company, founded in Brescia by “Confcooperative” in 2005. It deals with training and research in the cooperation scope and more generally in the Third Sector field, being inspired by the fifth cooperative principle of the Principles Cooperative Board, set during the World International Cooperative Alliance Convention, in Manchester in 1995:

“The cooperatives undertake to train and develop their members, elected exponents, managers and personnel making them able to contribute efficiently to the development of their cooperative companies.”
Koinon is a Private Non-Profit Educational and Training Centre that operates in an entrepreneurial way, in order to carry out training activities and to provide research and consultancy services with particular reference to the field of co-operatives, social enterprises and non-profit organizations.

The consortium has been promoted in 2005 by Confcooperative Brescia, an association of almost 600 cooperatives in the province of Brescia.

  • delivers programmes to help individuals and groups achieve the skills and understanding needed to put cooperative values and principles into effective practice and help build successful co-operative businesses;
  • promotes professional exchanges, cultural and collaborative relationships with universities, research centres and non-profit organizations in Italy and abroad, through the partnership with Italian and international networks and associations.