June, 23 2015 – Presentation of the Act social project results

June, 23 2015 – Presentation of the Act social project results

Seminario23giugno-DEFaPresentation of the results of the project Attracting communities towards social enterprise investment – June, 23 2015

Objective of the meeting is to present the results of the studies conducted within the project Act Social regarding “finance for social enterprises.” The theme, currently much debated, actually collides with territories and situations where a good ecosystem of social enterprises do not find “breeding ground” in terms whether of dedicated financial instruments or subjects willing to invest.
Are territories and situations where there is the existence of a good social enterprise economist a “breeding groung” of rooting? Are there dedicated financial instruments and subjects who want to invest? Are territories ready to financially support the social enterprise?  What can the social enterprise offer to the holders of capital? How can the social enterprise demonstrate the value created, wheter economic or social, in order to translate it into specific financial instruments?
The morning works are directed to social entrepreneurs, specialized financial intermediaries, advisors and partners of social enterprises, researchers and scholars interested in the subject.





Marco Castellani –  Analisi dei potenziali investitori in Impresa Sociale (in Italian)

Cinzia Pollio – Il Gap tra domanda ed offerta di strumenti finanziari per l’Impresa Sociale (in Italian)

Chiara Carini –  Analisi degli indicatori d’impatto dell?Impresa Sociale (in Italian)