Project Description

lgo si può

Name: SI PUO’

Legal form: Social cooperative

Headquarters: Darfo Boario Terme, Frazione Montecchio – Provincia di Brescia

Established in 1997, it works for the recovery and social reintegration of people with psychiatric problems and therefore at high risk of marginalization.

Si può performs the following activities:

  • Day care center with ergoterapic laboratory ergoterapic for users with a less severe degree of psychiatric illness; following the evaluation of each case a personalized project of job placement will be developed, which will take place within the social cooperatives of production and work belonging to Sol.Co. Camunia.
  • Data center on mental illness and methodologies in place to prevent the exclusion of people with mental fragility
  • Connection and exchange of experiences with cooperatives that are already operating in the sector.

Project Details