Project Description

logo piccolo sentiero

Name: Il piccolo sentiero 

Legal form: Social cooperatie

Headquarters: Lovere – Province of Bergamo

Il Piccolo Sentiero” was born on October, 25 1984 with the aim of providing work as a tool for the rehabilitation of marginalized people.

The Cooperative is a bridge between risk, marginalization and productivity by placing the organization of work at the service of the weakest.

It started with rehabilitation jobs offered to the drug addicted and then it adapted the offer encompassing people with different problems, such as those with psychic deasease. The demand for job placement of people with social distress and at risk of marginalization, particularly fired workers, has been increasing.

The disadvantaged work in the following areas:

  • Creation and conservation of green spaces (37% of sales)
  • Canteens and restaurants (36% of sales)
  • Civil and industrial cleaning services (25% of sales)
  • billboards

Project Details