Project Description


Name: Il Cardo

Legal form: Social cooperative

Headquarters: Edolo – Province of Brescia

Il Cardo is the first cooperative established in Edolo and it operates mainly in its community and in the area of medium-high Valcamonica, where people who work in cooperative seek to discover the skills of people who live there to create a network of trust and security. Il Cardo wants to help making its local community able to care and support diversity. 

The services offered are:

  • Day Centre for people with disabilities
  • Social and Health Housing Community
  • Socio-Educational Centre
  • Territorial Educational Service
  • Protected flats
  • Educational vouchers for disabled
  • Specialized Customer Service in schools
  • Education with prevention interventions, teacher training and counseling in schools
  • Organization of events, workshops, meeting places and home care education
  • Management of a toy library

Project Details