Cassa Padana

screenshotCassa Padana Bcc is a credit cooperative bank headquartered in Leno, in the province of Brescia. It was founded 110 years ago and has 65 branches today. It’s local, as it collects savings in its territory and reinvest them locally), cooperative, as members have one vote regardless of their contribution of capital) and non-profit.
According to article 2 of the Statute, the aims of this kind of banks are: creating common good, social cohesion, sustainable growth in the local communities where the bank works and promoting moral and material improvement for its members.

It follows that both adequate technical framework maintenance and social aims are pursued in the same way at every level.
That’s why its business policy is not aggressive and specifically favours families and small enterprises; the sales network is not stressed with budgets because the client must remain central to the approach of the bank, that proposes him only easy and clear products and services. Moreover the bank promotes internal (towards its members), external (towards local communities) and international mutuality.

A dedicated department oversees the projects in the three areas of mutuality. It carries out a planned and supervised activity. Both this activity and the traditional financial one are considered of the same value.
The bank is able to find structural solutions, to seize opportunities, to prevent problems in the territories where it works, seeking to involve different players (profit and non-profit, public and private), performing often an attentive leadership role, and promoting need oriented networks.