The players of the project are:

  • Cassa Padana B.C.C .: credit cooperative bank headquartered in Leno, in the province of Brescia. It was founded 110 years ago and has 65 branches today. It’s local, as it collects savings in its territory and reinvest them locally, cooperative, as members have one vote regardless of their contribution of capital, and non profit. According to article  of the Statute, the aims of this kind of banks are: creating common good, social cohesion, sustainable growth in the local communities where the bank works and promoting moral and material improvement for its members.
  • Sol.Co. Camunia – Solidarity and Cooperation – Consortium of Social Cooperatives NGO headquartered in Darfo Boario Terme in the province of Brescia: local consortium that promotes cooperation between cooperatives in a logic of network.
  • Consortium Koinon – Social Cooperative in Brescia: Koinon’s mission is to train the human capital of cooperatives, at all levels, from employees to the member and the executive.
  • Socialis – Research center on cooperatives, social and non-profit organizations – Social Enterprise in Brescia: it promotes the growth and the spread of studies and knowledge about social enterprises, cooperatives, non-profit organizations and the third sector general. It is epecially oriented to the analysis of the local area, it works closely with other research centers at a national and international level. It pools inside the two universities of the city of Brescia, the University of Brescia and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, as well as several local third sector subjects.

On November, 15th 2013 the four players made an application to access the budget of the European Commission call Supporting the demand and supply side of the market for social enterprise finance (application reference VP/2013/017/0149) presenting a project idea entitled “Attracting towards communities social enterprise investment – ACT SOCIAL“.